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Day 3: Ecuador & Galapagos – Quito to Riobamba

Begin the drive down the Pan American Highway from Quito to Riobamba through the Avenue of Volcanoes.

Day 2: Ecuador & Galapagos – Quito’s Historic District

The first full day in Quito was spent exploring the original section of the city known as the Centro Histórico, or Old Town.

Day 1: Ecuador & Galapagos – The Journey Begins

An overview of the Ecuador and Galapagos itinerary as well as a few interesting facts about the country.

Three Thousand Years of Xi’an

Ten days in Xi’an — The ancient capital city of the Shaanxi Province of China.

Hiking Torrey Pines State Park in San Diego County

I had a chance to head down to San Diego this weekend to attend a college friends’ wedding. This quick jaunt also gave me the opportunity to meet up with other old friends and do a quick outing. Fortunately, another friend from the college days showed up as well and we decided to take a […]

Day 4 – Backpacking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Trail

Our last day hiking through the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim trail from Indian Gardens to the South Rim. Also, a visit to Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff before returning home.

Day 3 – Backpacking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Trail

Day 3 of our Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike from Bright Angel Campground, across the Colorado River and up to Indian Gardens.

Day 2 – Backpacking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Trail

Continuing our rim to rim hike down the Grand Canyon on our second day from Supai Tunnel to the Bright Angel Campground. A side trip to Ribbon Falls was also made.

Day 1 – Backpacking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Trail

The first day of our Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike from the North Kaibab Trail on the North Rim to our campsite at 6800 feet.

Day 16 – Completing Walking Safari and Return to Johannesburg

During dinner last night, we made a decision to wake up at the normal time to head out on our last walking safari. So right at 4:30 AM, our wake up call came to rouse us from our slumber. After the usual oral hygiene care and change of clothes, we headed out. Right off the […]


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